Eric SalczynskiI’m a Ruby on Rails developer who’s in love with the Strict Doctype, I’m a wiz with Prototype.js (although, I’m familiar with jQuery too), and I’m obsessive compulsive about the structure and readability of my markup. I pride myself on producing semantic, valid, easy to read XHTML and CSS that is always cross-browser compatible without resorting to “hacking” the CSS.

I’ve been working as a freelance developer in a distributed team at Assembla, LLC for the last year or so. Through Assembla, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Creative Contact, Experience, and Tillr. When I’m not doing consultation work, I’m contributing to Assembla’s proprietary software, Breakout.

Additionally, I do freelance projects under the name WeHaventTheTime, a company originally founded by myself, Immanuel Mullen and Christopher Thomas!. With WHTT, I’ve been a part of various different projects ranging from web design to print design, from Ruby on Rails to PHP, and from Joomla to WordPress to MoveableType. My most notable accomplishment with WHTT was to create a RoR based comparison database from scratch for AnythingButiPod.com. Users can browse through and search hundreds of personal media players and compare them side-by-side. You can view the application at: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/compare.

Two additional Ruby on Rails projects that I have written from the ground up are oncurrent.com and www.webmixup.com. Both of these sites are pet projects that, unfortunately, haven’t really gotten the attention they deserve.